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“WE WANT NEWS” Postcard Campaign

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“WE WANT NEWS” Postcard Campaign

Year 2010 will soon come to an end, how do you guys find NEWS performance for the year? Do you guys think that it’s a pity that the very wonderful Live Concert was only held in Tokyo and Osaka DOME? NEWS’ leader, Yamashita Tomohisa will be having his world tour concert in 2011, likewise I believe NEWS are also having great things in store. In order to let NEWS know about our super strong thirst for group activities, I hope you guys can partake in this campaign. No matter what your craving is, be it group activities, concert in your country, have their own program or Asian tour concert, as long as it can show your love for NEWS, you are most welcome to join us.


This campaign is not limited to Taiwan, we welcome fans from all over the world! Our staff from different areas will handle your postcards separately. Currently, we have representatives in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Japan. Please send your cards to your preferred country.


All NEWS fans, let’s urge fans around you or all over the world to join us too, who knows the next concert might be located somewhere near you!



Every lovely NEWS fan



Express your love for NEWS or desire to have more group activities, in the form of postcard.



Collection for the first batch of postcards takes place from 1 December 2010 to 15 January 2011. Staff will have them arranged and send it to JFC on 30 December 2010.


If response is overwhelming, there will be a second collection. We will be very thankful if every one of you out there can help us by spreading the words around, that is to repost it on your blogs, forums or by word of mouth.




No larger than 14.8CM x 10.5CM.
- No limits to the number of postcards.

-  DIY cards are also welcomed, but avoid using excessive 3D cards




Please express your support and blessings to NEWS on the postcards or DIY cards. Do also highlight your desire for more NEWS group activities. Fans from all over the world can use postcards with your country traits such as landmark, scenery or food to allow NEWS to know your country better.


No limitation to the content, but avoid sensitive topics such as JWEB translation. By right, we shouldn’t be having access to these stuff. But by left, there are always generous fans around to “spread the love”. Also, avoid the use of overly emotional messages such as “You’re so hot!” We do not want to scare them. Please place emphasis on your support and blessings.

Please use the title as shown below, in Japanese. (on the postcard)


Clearly deliver your wants in the cards.

Please write in either English or Japanese.


Sample phrases

Love NEWS  forever. 

ずっとNEWS を応援します
We  will  support  NEWS  forever.

More group activities for NEWS please.

Sample message

NEWSファンになってもう(  數字   )年目になりましたが、苦しいときも寂しいときも落ち込んでいるときも、いつもNEWSの歌を聞いていました。NEWSからたくさんの元気をもらいました

I had been a NEWS fan for (number) year. When I’m feeling despair, lonely or down, I will always listen to NEWS’ songs and gain strength from it.


If you have difficulty in expressing in Japanese or English, please feel free to leave us a message on our blog or email us your message. We will have it translated in Japanese then send back to you to handwrite the message yourself. For now, we only provide Chinese to Japanese translation.

We are looking for translators, let us know if you are interested to help out with the translation for language-other-than-Chinese to English or Japanese.

Please enclose your postcards or DIY cards in an envelope. Firstly, to protect your postcard or the DIY card you had spent hours and hours doing. Secondly, it is to prevent the postman from reading our mushy content. You are adviced to send registered mail to prevent mail lost. We’ll not be liable for any lost mail. List of received mails will be posted on the blog.


Email: newsloveforever[at]gmail[dot]com




No.108, Kedong Rd., Hemei Township, Changhua County 508, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Lily Hu

Other addresses are disclosed upon request. Mass meet up in each country is to be confirmed.Fans interested to help us out and be your country's representative please contact us.

We welcome all to give us feedback or encouragements, your enthusiasm will bring greater motivation to the team. Thank you all for your time!

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